Monday, March 17, 2014

Upping The (Running) Ante...

Officially, my training for Jemez 50 miler began last week. 1 of my good frunners helped me with a training plan. Upon 1st glance, all the mileage/uber hillwork (uber because there are no real hills to do hill work on) made it looked pretty intimidating, but I knew I had to up my training from the horror stories I’d heard about Jemez. My main worry was that some of the weeks the total mileage is in the 60s and a couple even in the 70s, and the only other time I approached that kind of mileage, the aches & pains began.

After successfully completing my 1st week,  I feel pretty well ~ considering I did 65.25 miles this past week. The best part of it is that I am totally pain free. Yes, totally.

Full Disclosure: I was also off the entire week (Spring Break). It’s what I did during Spring Break: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I mean, if up to 4 naps a day & sleeping in each day counts as nothing. I’m sure all of this helped me reach that total.

I’m also on my umpteenth attempt at eating (somewhat) better. Throw in there my new regiment of stretching and massages. If I plan to continue upping my mileage, I’m going to have to continue doing things differently…aka – the correct way.