Friday, May 9, 2014

Running makes everything alright...even if for a little while.

Yesterday, I visited my grandfather who is pretty ill at the hospital. After seeing him, I was not in any mood to do anything but sulk. I even skipped my p/t job of coaching...and I love coaching. Besides, by the time I returned it was pretty late, so I just sat on my couch for a bit. I didn't do anything...just sat there.  

I decided to go for a little run just to feel a little better and/or distract myself for a little while at least. I ran into a couple of my friends that I hadn't seen in quite a while. I've known them for about 4 years, and, as a matter of fact, we ran our 1st ultra together back in 2010 I think. 

We started talking about everything and anything...including my grandfather and my grandmother who passed away like 8 years ago. It turns out that 1 of those friends (who is a RN) was the hospice nurse on call when my grandmother passed away. All of a sudden, it hit her: she remembered my grandmother, her house, all of us being there, etc. She told me the story of how she remembers praying with my grandmother and family just prior to her passing. "See!!! we were meant to be friends!!!", she told me as she punched me in the arm. 

The rest of the run two thoughts came and stuck with me:

     * It's funny how things happen sometimes when you least expect them. 
     * Running makes everything alright...even if for a little while.