Friday, December 9, 2016

Inner Lazy 0 ~ Team:Bendy 1

Between 6am-7am, I usually post my group's workout for that day. I do it for myself reminds me what I must do since it usually takes me all day to "get ready for it."

Yesterday was no different. I posted the workout knowing it'd be cold, windy, rainy and wet. Plus, I had an 80+ power point slide meeting after school. Secretly, I think I was hoping nobody would say they were "In", so that I'd just not run. Wrong. 2 people confirmed, and I figured the usuals, Brandon, Debra and Melissa, would be there.

Driving home from work around 5:30pm, I really didn't feel like running, so I asked in our group chat who was still in. This was my under-handed pitch so somebody (are you listening, Dalyla?) could swing for the fences and cancel. She didn't. I got the usual chirpy "Yes!!!" response. Ugh!!!

8 of us ended up showing up, and we got our workout did. In the end, we ended up running faster than what we were supposed to, but I blame the wind and cold for that.

More importantly, it felt pretty nice outside. After the mile warm up, I ditched the layers and ended up running with a t shirt.

I'm glad my inner lazy didn't win and we ended up running.