Sunday, July 24, 2016

30 Days of Coffee Challenge

I was spurned into action by my friend's love your spouse challenge. I think that's what it was called or something. I decided to make my own love challenge or sorts. My love for coffee challenge.

That was the beginning of the 30 Days of Coffee Challenge.

Initially, it started as a 30 Days of Coffee Challenge. In a nutshell, it was supposed to be 30 days of coffee in 30 different shops. It's been modified a couple times as the caffeine fix faded. Then I thought "Are there 30 coffeehouses in the RGV?" So then I modified it to just 30 coffeehouses in 30 days.

I'm running out of local coffeehouses, so drastic times call for drastic measures...coffeehouse road trip.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do You Believe In Coincidences?

Do you believe in coincidences? I really don't, but sometimes how can you explain things?

Yesterday, I went with some friends to run in La Sal Del Rey. I was a little fatigued from having run earlier in the day, so I ended up doing a brisk walk. Besides, it was so peaceful out there, a walk seemed to good to pass.

Let me back up a little...I have a friend, Bengi, whom I haven't seen or run with in several years. We used to run together all the time. Several years ago during a run, she told me she thought that in 2004 (before we'd met), she'd been my grandmother's hospice nurse. I asked her if she was the nurse that comforted my grandmother during her last few days/weeks. The one that I remember praying with her and my grandfather. Amazingly, it was her. Who would've thought that we would meet years later and become good friends?

Fast forward to yesterday's walk...The walk at La Sal Del Rey. It was such a peaceful walk that I had plenty of time to think. I thought of many things. Of many people. Specifically, I thought about my grandmother and Bengi. How she'd comforted my grandfather after my grandmother passed. I'll be honest, it made me tear up a bit.

I thought about my grandmother. I thought about Bengi. I hadn't seen her or run with her in about 4 years.

Earlier today, Bengi sent me a text that she'd been thinking about me. I quickly responded that "I WAS THINKING ABOUT YOU YESTERDAY. YOU AND MY GRANDMOTHER WHEN SHE PASSED!!!!"

Her response made me tear up again. "...Thanks, Ben. Those memories will always be with me. Ur grandma is always with me."

Friday, July 8, 2016

"That Run Sucked!!!" said nobody ever...I tell myself.

"That run sucked!" said i think nobody ever in the history of running. This is what I think every time my runs suck, and lately, it's been pretty frequently. I think we often convince ourselves that we are the only ones whose runs are terrible - that everyone else's runs are always awesome, on target pace, etc.

Well, it's not true. Many times, runs do not go or feel as planned. We just have to get over them and move difficult as this might be.

Plus, I've learned that there are many things that play a factor into our runs. Just bear with me, 'cause it's only a theory. It's kind of a 2 part theory even though the 2nd part could stand on its own (or has very little to do with the 1st part, but that's neither here nor there).

Many outside factors determine what type of run we have. We run late in the evening because of the heat/humidity. Just a thought, but if we have a perfect day, the run should be perfect, no? Who has a perfect day? Not this guy. Probably not you either. Now, I know what you might be thinking - "Says the guy who's off for the next 7 weeks!" It's true. We have sucky days. There's physical/mental stress, we might be on our feet all day, working a 12 hour shift, financial problems, have personal problems that we are dealing with (our own or our friends/family). You name it - it takes its toll.

And we can't forget the weather. It's brutal down here. The humidity will kick your butt whether you run in the morning (which I can't get up for) or the evening. I've tried both with the same result.

Finally, if you're like me and don't follow best hydration or diet plan, you'll pay the price too.

So I don't want to hear that you're in a slump or are gonna hang up your running shoes. It's not that bad. It happens.