Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sometimes Giving Is Better Than Receiving

I officially went into "taper-mode" last week. For me, that means taking it easy and no racing these 2 weeks prior to my race, CR100.

So when my buddy, Carlos, had his Hvergelmir Trail 1/2 Marathon coming up this past weekend, I was torn:  to run or not to run. Of course, when this choice comes up, I always choose, run, but not this time. So, I decided to do the next best thing: man an aid station.

I'd be set up at an aid station at around mile 9 with another buddy of mine, David, and we were there early to set up the water, gatorade, cokes, pretzels, oreos and most cowbell.

My plan was to ring the heck out of that cowbell, and I did. Several runners would later tell me that they could hear the cowbell for miles. I just love the sound of the cowbell and, as it turns out, others do too.

There I was: on the other side of the aid station. Giving instead of receiving aid. It was a different but enjoyable experience. It was a blast to encourage runners and see to their needs (as opposed to the other way around).

It was a brand new perspective - especially if you've required as much assistance as I have at aid stations. I just did what I've seen countless others do during races I've run.

Volunteering at races rocks!!!

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