Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Hills"...of the aluminum, concrete & dirt kind.

We've always had to do "alternative" hills down here in vertically challenged RGV to train for some of the more hilly courses in the Cen-Tex area. The other alternative is to run in some of the awesome state parks in the SA / Austin area, but it can get expensive to travel up there.

So we've had to come up w/ some "unconventional" workouts:

Bleachers - Who doesn't love bleachers? Besides, who hasn't done 'em before? The only issue we have with bleachers is that there are only a few high school stadiums that have high bleachers, and all of them are not open to the public (something about the school/coaches being afraid of the public destroying their new & expensive state of the art turf.

Highway Overpasses/Ramps - The good ol' paved hills. As you can imagine, back & forth/over & down repeatedly does get boring. We recently started using an exit ramp that has been closed ~ to change it up a bit.

Construction Mounds of Dirt - Yes, you read that correct. Here, locally, there's a huge mountain of dirt that I think is for sale or construction crews get dirt from.

I guess if I really think about it, we do have "hills" in the valley...of the aluminum, concrete & dirt kind.


  1. I never even thought to run this ramp! It's closer to my home than concrete hill by McMedCenter. Is the incline higher or lower than concrete hill?

  2. It's a little lower but seems to go on a little longer. Plus, we did a "T": we started on the side by the mall, went over the overpass, down the ramp, back up, continued over the overpass on bicentennial and then repeated it back again. If you can picture that. LOL