Saturday, March 9, 2013

Challenge Accepted

It's apparent that when we don't have a race coming up the upcoming weekend, we have too much time on our hands. We do things...desperate things. A couple days ago, my running machine of a partner & I decided to try a little experiment: to see if we could go the entire day without talking (to each other) about running. Full disclosure: we could talk to others about running, but we just couldn't talk to each other about it.

Let me give you a little background: we both love running. We can spend hours talking about the hydration vest we must must have, the handheld we like, our running bucket list races, watching informercial videos of handhelds. Yes, videos of handhelds (if you run, this is probably not that strange). We're totally ok with just lounging around the sofa talking about...'it'.

I was a little worried almost immediately as the day began. We had a couple do overs and/or had to remind each other that we were on the verge of talking running. We tried (at least I did) being sneaky about know, referring to it as "it". Sami was a bit sneaky also - saying something (that made no sense to me) and then 'wink wink'. "Oh, I get mean 'it'".

Plus, sending links to each other about the best running dog breeds or the newest altra shoe doesn't really count as cheating. The link (about running) was sent...'it' wasn't talked about. Attorney mode: ON.

It wasn't as difficult as we thought it'd be. Overall, we proved it could be done. We graded ourselves/each other yesterday. I gave us a 95 and Sami gave us a 90. An 'A' is still good, right?

The best part of this experiment? It was only a 1 day challenge. 

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