Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Steady Diet of Drop Bag Food

It's been 2 weeks since CR, and my drop bags are still feeding me. Thankfully, everything was spoil-proof.

I'd prepared 5 drop bags with power bars, cokes, pringles and other assorted goodies. I had a lot of 'em left over. Well, since then, I've been feeding nightly on a steady diet of these items. $ drop bags later, unfortunately, I am on my last one.

A couple years ago, I gave away GUs, power bars and stinger waffles (that I'd had leftover) for Halloween. That was my plan this year since the race was the weekend before. Unfortunately, I had no trick or treaters. None. I was disappointed at the time, but now I'm kinda glad. More food for me.

I guess in a way, you could say I've been prepping for my next ultra....seeing what food works and what doesn't.

So far, it's all working.


  1. I couldn't even look at my drop bag food when I got back from Cactus. Everything I looked at made me feel ill. Except for a Bocca burger with lots of pickles.

    1. I think the difference this time was that I'd packed lots of "good" junk food.