Friday, January 22, 2016

Coffee With Benergy...

So, I’ve always wanted to do a podcast which is basically a blog but digital. I’m no techie, but that’s about as easy of an explanation as I can give. It makes sense to me, so I figure it’ll make sense to you. 

Within the next week or so, I think I’m going to begin a podcast ranging in topics. ..mainly, about things I like, things I do, and people who I think you should get to know because they're interesting.  People like Dr. Joey Cadena at PhysioDynamix, German Madrazo at Valley Running Co., the guys from Sole Running, among others. In other words, it'll mainly be about running...and coffee, of course. 

Check out the link below and tell me what you think - especially of the name. 

As I like to say often, it’s a work in progress (kinda like me), so bear with me.

Talk to you guys soon & stay tuned.

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