Saturday, May 27, 2017


I just have to brag on my new running toy. It was time for a new running belt, so I bought the Agile 250 Belt Set yesterday at Valley Running Co. It included an 8 ounce soft or collapsible flask.

I have an old spi belt that I received several years ago at a marathon expo. It's still in good condition, but it's a struggle to pack in there a couple of gels, S caps, tp and other essentials.

I was able to use it on a run this morning. I was just a tad worried because it is quite a bit bigger than my old one. It has to be bigger to be able to include a full 8 oz flask in there. My current spi belt bounces when I fill it, and it's smaller. I didn't want this "bigger" belt to bounce. Fortunately, there was no bounce.

I am not sure if it's designed to fit loosely, but I decided to fit it a bit loose, because I was afraid of the dreaded chafe. Not only was there no bounce but also zero chafing. It stayed securely in place for the entire run. It was able to hold 4 gels and the full flask securely, and there was still plenty of room for more. Plenty.

Full disclosure: On longer runs, you'll probably need a handheld as well since 8 oz is probably not enough hydration. I was able to use the belt with the flask while running with a handheld. Towards the end of my run, I was able to ditch the handheld and only run with the belt and flask.

Super comfortable, affordable (since you're getting the belt AND flask) and, as always, Salomon quality is the best. I would strongly recommend it to anybody and everybody.

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