Monday, July 31, 2017

Unplugged in Utah...

As I wait here at the Las Vegas airport to return to "reality", I'm reminiscing about this amazing past week that we spent in Utah and the surrounding area. Joshua (who is next to me asleep - as we wait for our flight back to McAllen) and I had a really enjoyable time.

We spent the past week exploring/enjoying/hiking Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Antelope Canyon, the Grand Canyon and Utah.

We stayed at a hostel for a week (an amazing and inexperience option/experience, and yes, I saw the movie) and a cabin in the Grand Canyon for a few days.

I'm slowly trying to ween Joshua from being glued to his cell phone. The 2 days in the Grand Canyon were the best. There was ZERO reception. No tv. No phone. No radio. No nothing. Needless to say, he wasn't a happy camper, but you know what? He survived. We ended up going for a hike along the Grand Canyon, taking a nice leisurely stroll in the Kainab National Forest, enjoying the sound of the loudest thunderstorm with ear-shattering thunder, we talked (remember that novel concept? People actually talking to each other), played board games and (the best part) filling out and personalizing post cards we'd bought all week. Personally, I think that was my highlight.

This was a great week.

I'm out...gotta wake up the kid, the flight will board soon.
Vibrant red at Antelope Canyon. 

Hiking at Zion. 

Buffalo just outside the Grand Canyon at the Kainab National Forest.

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