Monday, January 7, 2013

Unplugged Running...

Everybody that knows me knows that I'm a slave to my garmin. I gotta have it for 99.9% of my runs. For the most part, it, and my ipod, are a must accessory for me.

But wait...I have a good reason for it: I'm a nerd. I love uploading my run(s) and nerding out to them. I love studying my pace, distance, elevation, etc.

I even have a picture somewhere that is a finish line pic - except I'm looking at my wrist & pushing a button.

This afternoon, I ran for 2 hours without a garmin. Full disclosure: my garmin was in my car since yesterday's run, and the battery was dead, So I almost was forced to. But you know what? It was a great run. Easy 2 hour run with great friends. I didn't have to worry about looking at my watch. No, what is my pace? No, should I speed up? No, should I slow down? Just run, talk, laugh and kid around.

I'm sure the fact that I am tapering had alot to do with this also. I mean, I'm forcing myself to take it easy this week. Really easy. Regardless of the reason, it was fun.

I don't just take off and run for a couple of hours without my garmin, but when I do, it's a memorable run with those I'm running with. I definitely need to add a no garmin run to my repertoire.

Sometimes, it's just fun like that...unplugged.


  1. you do! live a little!!! :)

    1. Will do, young Andres. Prepare mentally for big bad bandera!!!