Saturday, September 15, 2012

Running: The New Commute

Yesterday, I decided to change up my 13.5 mile commute to work.  Usually, I drive but this year I have biked and now it was time for me to run.

I was really prepared for this: I took a change of clothes and everything I'd need to "freshen up" the previous day. All I had to do was get there.

I was a little nervous for several reasons: What if I didn't wake up on time? (I did) What if I didn't adequately plan how long it'd take me to get there? (I had) What if there were dogs chasing me at that hour? (There were) What if there were inattentive drivers in the wee hours of the morning? (There were). Obsessive, I know.

The commute began at 4:40am. No, this isn't a typo.

I ran the 13.5 miles in 2:03. As much as I kept telling myself, this run wasnt about time, it didn't quite work out that way. But, in my defense, several dogs had something to do with this. Thank you, dogs, for helping me work on not so fast pace.

I ran with lighting in the front and a blinking light attached to my camelbak. I was even in the bike lane (approximately 4 out of the 13.5 miles had a bike lane). Despite all this, a car came within inches (it seemed) of grazing me. I know it's dangerous out there, but, geeze, this was close.

Upon getting to work, I was expecting to be tired for the better part of the morning. Lunch would definitely wake me up, but I was expecting a "crash" in the early afternoon. I was wrong. I felt GREAT the entire day.

I'm definitely doing this again and I recommend others do it also. Next time, I'm running to work AND riding my bike back...


  1. That's I feel that I should run to work as well since it is half the distance you ran. It would improve my running game and health.

    1. The main reason I did it was to get my workout in, but yeah you'd see results for sure. I say try it once. See what happens.