Sunday, September 9, 2012

Running To Extremes

I've come to the conclusion that running (for me) is a thing of extremes. Either dip your toe in the water or dive in the deep end. There's no in-between.

This occurred to me yesterday:

I ran 6 miles in the morning on a track (I love running in circles, btw) wearing my vibrams. I ran differently. I stepped differently, and I felt graceful. Yes, I used the word graceful to describe my running. I was actually paying attention where I was stepping and how I was stepping.

Later in the afternoon, I ran 6 more, but this time wearing my Hokas. The exact opposite. I can't really say I felt graceful. I felt...'in charge.' It was as if I was playing destruction derby. Everybody, you better get outta my way. It didn't matter how I was stepping or where I was stepping. As a matter of fact, I was looking for something to step on.
Extremes? Yep, from footwear to distances.

I still enjoy an occassional 5k. They make me work hard. They're quick and painful. The beautiful pain.

...But, I also enjoy 60ks, 50milers and (attempting) 100 milers. They're definately not quick - a prolonged process.

As I get mentally and physically prepared for my next challenge, CR100, it occurred to me that I'm an extremist, and that may not be a bad thing.


  1. You're a runner, I think that definitely equates to the extremes! I'm a friend of Abe Luna's and he recommended your running blog to me - definitely going to keep up with it and look forward to hearing how the training for the 100 miler is going.

    1. Thanks, racefor50. It's uncharted territory for me, so pretty much my strategy is just to aim for mileage/endurance. Is it a safe assumption by your name that you've done or are planning a race in all 50 states?