Sunday, December 9, 2012

Running Is THE Best Medicine

Being sick sucks.

I'd been battling a flu/throat bug thing for a couple of days now. The worst part is that I hadn't run since Wednesday night. I can handle the body aches, the feeling of razors slicing the inside of my throat and's the no running that hurts the most.

I was so antsy for a run this weekend. Especially, since I'd planned to do a 20 miler this weekend.

I finally gave in today. Against the advice of many of my running friends, I ran. I told them I'd only run a couple of miles or that I'd stop if I felt woozy. Secretly, I probably wouldn't've. I wanted to get in a 10 miler. Correction: I needed to get in a 10 miler.

Well, I did, and it was tough. I'm sure the humidity added to the struggle. I did 10 and, now, that I've eaten and rested, I feel much much better. I think I may even be over it. Really.

I think running was the medicine I needed.

This is me keeping my distance from my friends. The fear of getting them sick kept me from posing too close, running with them or even shaking hands with most of them. 


  1. Running fixes everything. And you are very considerate to try and not get everyone else sick.