Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Jaunt Around Lake Georgetown

I ran around Lake Georgetown yesterday. It was just slightly over 27 miles. It was a tough, scenic and incredible run.
The weather was pefect: 31 degrees at the start. It took a while for my ears and fingers to warm up...and, yes, I was wearing gloves and a beanie.

There was a total of 10 of us. Immediately, we kinda feel into groups which suited me fine since I was afraid I'd get lost without a guide. I think I was just nervous going into a semi new course because (looking back) it was almost impossible to get lost.

The course has mile markers, and we started the opposite direction. It was a nice change to pass up mile markers backwards...27, 26, 25, etc.

The initial part of the course seemed fairly easy. There were a lot of sharp jagged rocks that I found myself playing hop scotch around. This seemed to tire me out by mile 13ish - all that jumping around. The last 1/3 of the course was pretty difficult. Plus, due to some of the climbs, my quads were on fire.

A big chunk of the course is just rocks and rocks and rocks. Although, there were some jeep road sections that seemed to go for several miles. It's a nice section to "pick up the pace" before/after the rocky sections.

I tripped several times pretty badly. It was the type of trip where you stumble for what like seems like an eternity with arms flailing. It's funny but when that's happening: I have time to think "this isn't good," but I don't have time to regain my balance and stop.  It seems like a quick trip that plays out slowly in my mind.

My friend, Nancy Marks, showed me a little waterfall at around mile 24 that made me secretly wish it was 50 degrees hotter.

At mile 26, I was boasting to myself that I was gonna finish without a fall, but just then - boom!!! I fell face first. My foot had gotten wedged between 2 rocks. Perhaps, I should've waited 'til I finished before bragging. Nevertheless, I was pretty happy that I was able to focus on the course and not get hurt. A lot of those rocks were jagged and pointy - fall on 1 of them and OUCH!!!

It was a good workout leading to my next race, Bandera 100k, in 2 weeks. I told myself this would be my last long run before the race, but who knows. I'd love to do 1 more before then. Just for my confidence, I guess.


  1. Sounds like you had a blast on the run, and that the fall wasn't too bad. Best of luck to you at Bandera !

    1. Thanks, Michael. It was a fun long run of sorts. Will you be at Bandera as well?

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL run!!!! The scenery is enough to take my breath away... much less a fall on a sharp rock! Hope you're ok buddy!

    1. Yes, it was an incredible scenic run. G'luck w/ your running as well.