Monday, April 14, 2014

Escape From The Track

Locally, most of the "nice" high school tracks are closed because the school does not want anybody running on their expensive artificial turf. This is a bummer because, I can't climb rows upon rows of bleachers or run on a bouncy and rubbery surface.

Don't get me wrong: there are some tracks that are open...but I'm a bit "picky."  It'll have 6 rows of bleachers, the track has more holes than your local street has potholes, the surface is made of gravel, etc. More often than not, I have to settle for it. I can do it, but do I prefer to do it there...No.

A couple of times, I've managed to "sneak" into my biggest/favorite high school stadium (the track is nice, but I like the countless rows bleachers best) while they were having football practice, but I was asked to leave...something about practice being closed to the public. Whatever.

Yesterday, we found a track at 1 of our local high schools that was open. It was a Sunday night and somebody, I'm guessing from the school, had opened the school's complex gates. I vaguely recall somebody using the batting cages or soccer netting...or something. We simply ran in zigzagging our way through the baseball field and soccer field until we made it to the track.

After a 30 minute-ish butt-kicking of a workout, it was time to leave. At that point, we realized whomever had been there that opened the gates, had already left. The worst part was that we were locked in.

The workout happened to be the 2nd of the day, and it was a pretty tough one, so I told my workout partner: "I don't feel like climbing the fence to get out." Plus, I think the fencing had several rows of barbed wire at the top..ouch.

Luckily, we were able to roam around the complex 'til we found a gate that led us to...FREEDOM!!!

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