Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ultra Marathoning: The Ultimate Junk Food Buffet

I tell my friends that have never run an ultra (or are even thinking about it) that it’s an experience like no other. Other than the crazy distance, not only is the vibe totally different than any road race, but the aid station food is pretty incredible. Especially, if like me, you love junk food.

You use so much energy and effort that it’s all about taking in calories. It took me a while to learn this, but I finally recently did. You could even describe an ultra as a race with buffet tables every 3-4 miles.

This past weekend I ran the Brazos Bend 50k, and I wanted to tell you about what my caloric intake was like, and proof that it was a junk food extravaganza...and I mean that as a good thing. A really good thing. This is what I ate during my 31 mile run:

Mile 4:  pretzels and jelly beans

Mile 8: cookies and a peach cobbler V Fuel gel

Mile 12: pringles and jelly beans

Mile 20: gummie bears and M&Ms

Mile 24: half of a pb & j sandwich and another peach cobbler V Fuel gel

Mile 28: pretzels & pringles

So if you’re considering an ultra, I say do it, because who doesn’t love junk food? I do.

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