Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When Making A Point Goes Bad...

I was going to do a race report about Hells Hills 50k but decided to not. Instead, I'd rather tell about a funny thing that happened.

I had just finished bragging to my partner-in-crime, Sami, that I didn't need any fancy backpack such as her brand new Ogio 8.0 to pack my stuff. I just carry my stuff in my pockets if I have to (I thought to myself). To make my point even more clear, I got all of my pre-race items (S caps, wipees, nutrition, hydration bladder, etc.) and just placed them in a grocery bag while tying a knot at 1 end..."cause that's how I roll.

I continued quickly packing my clothes in my lunch bag (yes, lunch bag - I pack light) and placed my toiletries in yet another grocery bag, and Austin-bound we were.

Fast forward to later that night right before crashing: It's time to brush my teeth and start prepping my hydration vest, bladder & goodies for the morning's race.

It turns out I forgot my 2 grocery bags with my toiletries and racing goodies. After my initial panic and convincing myself that I didn't need a toothbrush, S caps, hydration bladder, etc., I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and prepared myself for the "...that wouldn't've happened if you'd listened to me about my Ogio 8.0 bag" speech.

Luckily, that speech never came, but none of this would've happened if I'd listened and considered taking any of the countless backpacks I have lying around.

Oh, and by the way, I was able to borrow a handheld and assorted goodies I'd forgotten...and I had a decent 50k race too.
My funky toes photobombing Sami.

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